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Emotion Skincare’s Exclusive Patent -E.S.U. Biocomplex ® is a specific manufacturing process
of fine ingredients which are essential to our skin functionality and the active ingredients selected among the best in the market.                                                                      

All Emotion Skincare products contain a pool of natural fatty acids, recognised to be an
essential “food” for your skin. These polyunsaturated fatty acids are bio-functional and bio-compatible to our skin, therefore they are capable to improve skin’s health, to restore its natural beauty, youth and to delay degenerations.


This specific molecular structure of Emotion Skincare branded products is not reproducible by other manufacturers.


All Emotion Skincare products are:

-Free of Silicone, Paraben, Mineral Oil, Paraffin, Petrolatum

-Fragrance-Free / Allergen-Free Fragrance 

-Dermatologically tested, Nickel Tested

-Manufactured in ITALY

-Comply with the strictest European quality standards and the UE GMP regulations