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2020 Xmas Set B

2020 Xmas Set B

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  • Overview
  • Xmas Combo Set (B) includes:

    1) VITAMIN PLUS Cleansing Oil  125ml x 1 
    2) E-Filler Instant Lift Eye Serum  15ml x 1 
    3) E-FILLER Miracle Cleansing Towel P.V.A 1 pc

  • Product Description
  • VITAMIN PLUS Cleasing Oil 125ml x 1 

    Naturally Formulated Cleansing Oil that CLEANSE and CARE our skin
    • A multi-functional cleansing oil with a mix of 5 natural plant oils, that are rich in essential vitamins, WITHOUT the use of Mineral Oils
    • Its rich texture comes from the combination of precious plant oils, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, hydrates deeply, and leaves a soft, refined, pure skin
    • Continuous use improves skin’s moisture level and avoid impurities such as blackhead and blemishes
    • Vitamins and anti-oxidants contained shield our skin from free-radical damages
    • The light scent of Chamomile fragrance soothes and calms our skin and nerve
    • It cleanses and removes traces of makeup WITHOUT degreasing our skin, while skin’s natural moisture barrier is neither altered nor damaged

    Detailed Product Information


    E-Filler®‭ ‬Instant Lift Eye Serum‬ 15ml x 1

    Unique Eye Serum Gives Multiple Benefits‭ - ‬Lifting‭, ‬Firming‭, ‬Moisturising
    • Instant lifting effect‭, ‬gives vibrant and firmer‭ ‬eyes in 30‭ ‬seconds
    • Penetrates‭ ‬deeply‭, ‬moisturises‭ ‬quickly‭, ‬reduce fine lines‭ ‬&wrinkles visibly;
    • Revitalise eye area and restore‭ ‬youthful eyeseflated, dark circles faded, eye contour area illuminated
    • Highly recommended by‭ ‬makeup‭ ‬artists‭, ‬widely used as a pre-show secret weapon by models‬‬

    Detailed Product Information


    E-FILLER Miracle Cleansing Towel P.V.A.   1pc
    Soft & Finely Made P.V.A. Cleansing Towel that helps to remove makeup residue gently
    • Fast Water Absorbing
    • Can be reused

    Beauty Tips: Even though this serum is extremely delicate‭, ‬this firming and lifting‭ ‬effect‭ ‬comes from a‭ ‬powerful‭ ‬mix of‭ ‬active ingredients‭. ‬Actions‭ ‬of‭ ‬some of these ingredients may‭ ‬cause slight‭ ‬irritation‭ ‬and‭ ‬watering‭ ‬to‭ ‬very‭ ‬sensitive‭ ‬eyes‭. ‬It is recommended to‭ ‬keep the eyes closed for 10‭ ‬seconds after‭ ‬application‭ ‬and avoid direct‭ ‬contact with eyes‭.

    Note: Please use within 6 months after opening.

    All Emotion Skincare products are
    - Manufactured with Emotion Skincare Exclusive Patent - E.S.U Biocomplex® deliver the finest ingredients that are essential to restoring skin functionality
    -Free of Silicon, Paraben, MIT, PEG, Mineral Oil, Vaseline, Paraffin, Petrolatum, Allergenic Fragrance
    - Dermatologically tested, Nickel Tested











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