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Christmas Promotion Buy E-Filler®Eye Contour Cream Free E-Filler®Silky Hand Cream

Christmas Promotion Buy E-Filler®Eye Contour Cream Free E-Filler®Silky Hand Cream

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  • Overview
  • Emotion Skincare 2022 Xmas Set B includes:

    1) E-Filler® Silky Hand Cream  100ml x 1 
    2) E-Filler® Eye Contour Cream 15ml x 1 

  • Product Description
  • E-Filler® Silky Hand Cream 100ml x 1 
    Has a soft texture that gives deep nourishing and moisturising effect, make it a must-have skincare product for home and office use.

    • Emotion Skincare Exclusive Patent - E.S.U. Biocomplex ® deliver fine skin-compatible ingredients which are essential to our skin functionality, and can penetrate quickly 
    • Deeply moisturising, instantly nourishing, improve skin radiance 
    • Create a protective barrier that helps to lock moisture 
    • Perfect for dry hands and damaged skin 
    • Leave skin soft and silky, yet non-greasy 
    • Visibly reduce fine lines, reduce wrinkles if use continuously


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    E-Filler Eye Contour Cream
    15ml x 1
    Created to Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Promote Cell Renewal
    •Combines specific actives against skin ageing (such as hyaluronic acid, hexapeptide and cyclo-peptide-5), antioxidants (Vitamin E) and specific active ingredients to preserve and strengthen the skin barrier and skin hydration
    • Replenishes eye area with deep moisturising ingredients
    • Re-organises the collagen network to create a firmer skin support structure
    • Easily applied and quickly absorbed, leaves a silky, non-greasy, well-nourished skin


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    Beauty Tips:
    Even though this serum is extremely delicate, this firming and lifting effect comes from a powerful mix of active ingredients. Actions of some of these ingredients may cause slight irritation and watering to very sensitive eyes. It is recommended to keep the eyes closed for 10 seconds after application and avoid direct contact with eyes. 

    Note: Please use within 6 months after opening.

    All Emotion Skincare products are
    • Manufactured with Emotion Skincare Exclusive Patent - E.S.U Biocomplex® deliver the finest ingredients that are essential to restoring skin functionality
    • Free of Silicon, Paraben, MIT, PEG, Mineral Oil, Vaseline, Paraffin, Petrolatum, Allergenic Fragrance
    • Dermatologically tested, Nickel Tested

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